how to start a basketball camp or clinic

Pivoting is an essential skill in basketball and in succeeding as a startup. Learn more in our webinar. Learn more in our webinar. Business development is a process, not a sales call. ... More

dermisa skin fade cream how to use

See more What others are saying "Hydroquinone Evens out skin tone / Discolration. The Original Dremisa has Antioxidants & Vitamin C ~ Gives a your face and body a natural glow & Y ... More

how to tell if i have a broken toe

1/11/2012 · Best Answer: It could be broken, but there is no sure way of telling without an x-ray. To relieve your symptoms you could try icing it for 15 minutes every hour and this will help with pain, swelling, inflammation and bruising. ... More

how to stop mail delivery for vacation

How to hold mail while on vacation usps delivery options and advice how to hold mail while on vacation usps delivery options and advice postal service hold mail you best free fillable forms us postal hold mail form. Trending Posts. Rosas Travellers Inn Munoz Room Rates. Bing Tour 2018. National Lampoon S Christmas Vacation Soundtrack Imdb . Travel Safety For Jamaica. Travelers Season 2 … ... More

how to set the ignition timing on an engine

Ignition timing is when the distributor sends an electric spark into the engine to ignite the fuel. This fuel ignition is what powers the car. ... More

how to take care of two baby guinea pigs

2 baby guinea pigs. Tri coloured. Smooth coat. Well handled. First photo is a girl. Second is the boy. Guinea pigs make great pets for kids. Easy (and cheap!) to care for. We give ours our veggie and fruit scraps, grass and weeds, hay to sleep in and a supermarket guinea pig meal. $20 each. Ready to go. Pick up Upper Pakenham 3810. ... More

how to send tubemate video to tablet

We all love to watch videos on big screens such as Tablets or Computer screen, based on that TubeMate fans wants to Download Tubemate for PC. Tubemate app allows the user to download Youtube videos on Windows PC. ... More

how to stop your mic from echoing

7/04/2011 · Sound problems -echo sounds inside my headphones/mic headset and a loud ringing when i unplug my headphones i am having problem with echo sounds inside my headphones/mic headset and a loud ringing when i unplug my headphones it is really annoying and i think it might me my internal mic but i am unsure This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but … ... More

how to tell between mouse dog cat histology tubules

Microscopic Animal Cells (82 images) View: 250 All. CZ02-003d Stomach - cat, parietal cells with... CZ01-008x Neurons - giant multi polar neurons... CZ07-003c Skeletal Muscle - striated muscle: CZ08-001c Scalp - old skin flaking off, hair... CZ02-003p Stomach - cat, parietal cells with... CZ06-002c Small Intestines - mucus plugs... CZ30-003z Taste Bud: CZ01-009x Neurons - giant multi polar ... More

how to turn sound on on camra

19/03/2018 · In this video I will show you how to turn off Snapchat camera shutter sound. Hit thumbs up and please subscribe :) ... More

how to tell when iphone was first bought

Sync your iPhone to iTunes, Select the App you want to know from which account it has been purchased, right click, go to Get info, under the File tab you will find something like below image where you can see who purchased the app. I have removed my Apple ID but the different names is … ... More

how to set spawn point in minecraft pe

Spawn at the a triple sang village. If you don't look careful you will see this triple village look like a large village. Some houses in this triple village is glitched it make th ... More

how to set exposure in canon 1200d

a: Manual Exposure D Using the Built-in Flash To obtain a correct flash exposure, the flash output will be set automatically (autoflash exposure) to match the manually-set aperture. The shutter speed can be set from 1/200 sec. to 30 sec or bulb. BULB: Bulb Exposures A bulb exposure keeps the shutter open for as long as you hold down the shutter... ... More

how to send bulk sms through internet

Salient Features of SMS module in Advanta Rapid. This module will send SMS message through the internet. There will be elimination to do phone calls to each and every parent which requires a lot of staff involvement and consumes time. ... More

how to stop facial paralysis

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. The onset of facial paralysis is sudden with Bell’s palsy, and can worsen during the early stages. Symptoms will usually manifest and peak within 2 … ... More

how to start a summary of an article

Your critique and accolades may help convince the editor of the importance of the article. As you write up this summary, take into consideration the suitability of the article for the journal. If you are reviewing for the top journal in your field, for example, an article simply being factually correct and having a sound analysis is not enough for it to be published in that journal. Instead ... More

how to wear a nose plug

21/01/2015 · I have tried the Speedo competitionnose plug and it doesnt seal my nose adequately. The pads aren't long enough. Can someone please recommend a larger nose clip still available for purchase? January 8th, 2015, ... More

how to watch new episodes of the walking dead

Of course, most of us know that shows like The Walking Dead can be found in other places besides cable – but not all of us know where to watch The Walking Dead episodes from past season, or how ... More

how to use a ballon as a sex toy

A toy balloon or party balloon, is a small balloon mostly used for decoration, advertising and children's toys. Toy balloons are usually made of rubber or aluminized plastic , and inflated with air or helium . ... More

how to win an argument with a girl

29/08/2015 · Watch video · You can't win an argument when a girl is on her period w/Julia Price JustStayBehindThatCar CommandeerFail ... More

how to work reduction revolution power meter

Set the meter to "DC milliamps" and make sure the probes are plugged into the correct jacks. (Use the smallest setting on the multimeter.) (Use the smallest setting on the multimeter.) Attach wires from the meter's probes to the metal strips. ... More

how to ask questions at work

I simply ask questions and get answers on myself, that reflect what’s going on in your energy system. Even though there is much knowledge of how this works in relationship to quantum physics, we don’t have to understand or even believe it for it be extremely accurate. ... More

how to use cheats on vba-m chromebook

Using the same method as described in the steps above you can experiment with other cheats. Just enter into the console the cheats below for more fun. Just enter into the console the cheats below for … ... More

how to walk without hyperextension of the knee

In older children and adults, forceful hyperextension may tear one of the knee ligaments, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). If the knee injury is severe enough to cause swelling, pain or instability, see a doctor immediately. ... More

how to take screenshot on mac full page

To take a screenshot of the entire screen, When you are in Paint at a blank page click on Edit and then click on Paste and your screen shot will appear on the blank page. To save, just go through the usual steps for saving a picture or graphics item (for example, click File, then Save As or Save.) Choose the desired location (drive/folder) to save the file. Default location is Desktop ... More

cite write how to reference multiple authors

For three, four, or five authors, refer to all authors in the first citation, then use the first author’s last name followed by the abbreviation "et al." (not italicized and with a … ... More

how to use twitter search effectively

This blog post will discuss various techniques to use Twitter’s search REST API most effectively, given the constraints and limits of the said API. ... More

how to tell if response variable is normally distributed

Why, then, are normal distributions normal? A very common answer to this question, found throughout the sciences, involves the Central Limit Theorem from probability theory. Roughly speaking, this theorem says that if a random variable X is the sum of a large number of small and independent random variables, then almost no matter how the small variables are distributed, X will be approximately ... More

how to help stop animal testing

We research the most effective ways to help animals. Find resources and recommendations on the top animal charities and interventions. Find resources and recommendations on the top animal … ... More

how to use odin to bypass frp

Google account manager Nougat. You can manage some setting in Gmail With Account Manager, you can share a single Sony Entertainment Network account across all applications on your device that require a Sony Entertainment. ... More

how to write a thesis for masters degree

... More

how to turn off all updates in windows 7

To disable Windows Update and Automatic Updates on a per-computer basis, configure Turn off access to all Windows Update features in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Internet Communication Management\Internet Communication settings ... More

how to take off activewear top shirt

Best and Less is the home of fashionable women's tops at affordable prices. Shop from a wide variety of women's t shirts including brands like; Edited, Breakers and many more below; ... More

who wrote how to talk to girls book

Talking about writing a book gives you the same mental fatigue and satisfaction that you’d get from actually writing for an hour. It’s demotivating. It’s demotivating. ... More

how to get from santiago to buenos aires by train

Find Cheap Flights from Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez to Buenos Aires (SCL - BUE) Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Buenos Aires ... More

how to set up a listserv

Answer In the very basics of terms, a simple listserv can be set up by using mail aliases. In more general terms, there are programs (such as Mailman. ... More

alphanumeric grid how to use

Children interpret simple grid maps with alpha-numeric grid references of places such as shopping centres and zoos. They draw an alpha-numeric grid on a map. They create grid maps with alpha-numeric grid references of familiar surfaces, rooms and outdoor spaces. ... More

how to turn on icloud keychain on iphone

iCloud Keychain. You’ve probably wondered how to reset protected data on your iPhone at least once. Maybe you’re giving your iPhone away, or taking it to the repair shop. ... More

how to use wordpress menus

But the much more popular method of navigation is through WordPress' built-in menu system. Administrators may create as many custom menus as they like, dragging & dropping links to create manual hierarchy and structure. You can directly manage links to posts, pages, categories, tags, practically anything on your site. ... More

how to work out gradient of land

All drainage systems, both above ground and below ground, work by creating a slope and relying on gravity to cause the water (or other liquids) to flow from the high point to the low point. This is known as the 'fall' and can expressed in a number of ways, usually either a percentage or as a ratio. ... More

key master machine how to win

Play and Listen in this video i show you tips on how to win on the sneaker yeezy key master then a compilation of times these tips worked and i was able to snag 5 pairs of How To Win On The Yeezy Key Master Arcade Machine Arcade Games Tips & Tricks Mp3 ... More

how to use wd elements

To play music on a WD Elements Play, please follow the instructions below: Start by turning on your WD Elements Play. Browse to the Music category, then press ENTER. ... More

how to watch champions league cricket in australia

Live ball-by-ball cricket commentary of Australia v India in their first T20 at the Gabba. ... More

how to start a corporation with no money

Many people stop themselves from starting a business because they think they need huge money to start! Well, this is true for a few businesses but still, there are few opportunities that you can start immediately with no investment. ... More

how to take out maximum semen

Your money shot may be a blank. About 15 percent of couples have trouble conceiving, and at least a third of the time the guy's sperm is at fault, according to the National Institutes of Health. ... More

how to see 18 videos on youtube

I’m sure those solutions work. But in youtube it depends on how the video was encoded. If keyframes were set to every frame then you could. Otherwise it depends on how they set that when the producer did the encoding, once per second, per 5 seconds etc so if you advance a paused video with your right arrow key you’ll see where the keyframes ... More

how to teach your cat to sit on your lap

And you may find that even your cat who does not sit on your lap may worm her way into your heart and leave a gaping mess of a hole when she leaves you. I kept a … ... More

how to write scientific results section

Scientific Style ; Writing the Discussion . The discussion section is a framing section, like the Introduction, which returns to the significance argument set up in your introduction. So reread your introduction carefully before writing the discussion; you will discuss how the hypothesis has been demonstrated by the new research and then show how the field's knowledge has been changed by the ... More

how to set up blu ray

4K Networking Your Panasonic Blu-ray Recorder can now bring the ever-expanding world of stunningly detailed 4K content* into your home. As well as upscaling Blu-rays to 4K*, it lets you record 4K content* onto its built-in HDD and view 4K video recorded to SD card by Panasonic LUMIX cameras and camcorders. * 4K 25/30p MP4(Bit rate : Up to 100Mbps / Resolution : Up to 3840 X 2160 pixels). ... More

how to use js for angular

AJAX stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML“, and is a way that a webpage can use JavaScript to send and receive data from a server without refreshing a webpage. XML is a kind of markup language – like HTML, which people sometimes use for sending data across the internet. Recently, ... More

how to use a technogym leg press

Technogym recommends the following steps for planning repair procedures: • Carefully evaluate the customer’s description of the machine malfunction and ask all the necessary questions to clarify the symptoms of the problem. ... More

how to tell if iphone 7 is jailbroken

My jailbroken iPhone in io 7.1.2 and I wanted to unjailbreak mine, could you pls tell me how? but btw I'm upgrading the ios to 8.2 if I'm not mistaken. but idk is it work or not. bcs there's no notif on my phone when ios 8 is available. I got the notif in itunes on my computer. ... More

how to use trekking pole tips

If you do need to replace trekking-pole tips, refer to this tutorial and use the Leki Universal Carbide Flex Tips, because they will have little effect on the height of the FK Poles. Buy Now ... More

how to wear a hair bow clip

The Cutest Ways to Wear a Bow February 20, 2014 by Hazel Lake When you think of a bow you might think that they are a hair accessory reserved for little girls but bows are perfectly fine as you grow up, just as long as they are worn right. ... More

how to watch a tele conference on your computer

A new window should show up on your television with display options, but the one on your computer screen is the more relevant one. You should see a tab called Arrangement. Click it to view a panel ... More

how to set a screensaver as a background windows 10

solved windows 10 automatically download image and set as desktop background solved Windows 10 no colour and desktop background options solved Windows 10 desktop background … ... More

how to solve bullying in school

8. Communicate bullying to the school. Most teachers and principals are well-educated in handling these situations. Don’t take matters into your own hands and speak with the bully or the bully’s parents. ... More

how to use instagram.comm

By Kelly Elizabeth Scott, Leadership & Wellness Coach . Roughly 62% percent of my current clients found me through Instagram. And so, I’ve learned quickly that Instagram is a great platform for connecting with my target audience and building the like, know, and … ... More

how to use quark cheese recipe

This is a bit more time consuming way to prepare quark (fresh cheese) than the one from kefir, it it is also a bit cheaper. Usually you would just leave unpasteurized milk in warm place for a day or two to sour. ... More

how to translate youtube videos into english

Translate Video. See 9 authoritative translations of Video in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box. Spanish Dictionary. Featuring more than 1 million translations. Spanish Translator. Quick and easy results from 3 translators . Verb Conjugations. Conjugations for ... More

how to work in a cross cultural context

Introduction. Effective cross cultural communication is the key to success in today’s age of globalization. Businesses and leaders need to engage with partners and customers from around the ... More

how to watch boruto on tv

Availability Notes. Due to the broadcast timeslot change in Japan, Boruto will now launch on Sundays starting with episode 76 on October 7th. ... More

how to email an employer for work experience

If you require jobseeker support, jobactive can help you prepare for work with training, work experience, mentoring and life skills programs. Support for Employers ... More

how to stop ingrown toenail from growing back

Vascular insufficiency may cause conditions other than ingrown toenail (e.g., fungal infections leading to elevation of the toenail). Inspect the foot and leg for signs of other skin abnormalities, such as blisters, ulcers, rashes, and lesions. ... More

how to use php libraries

These samples demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Azure Blob Service with the PHP client libraries ... More

how to teach your dog to catch a frisbee

Most dog lovers agree that watching a dog who can catch a Frisbee is great entertainment. And we may wonder just how to train a dog to catch a Frisbee. Some dogs seem to be naturally good at playing Frisbee but even if your dog isn't, you can still teach your dog how to play. Here are some tips. ... More

how to use a wheel puller

23/05/2009 · Use the whole can of spray to cool the spindle and tap on the center of the spindle and wheel while taking turns. Do this outside 'cause it'll smoke a … ... More

how to travel from melbourne airport to city

Melbourne Airport Shuttle Transfers to Anywhere in the C.B.D (Central Business District) Hotel, Business, Private Residence, Hospital, Train Station etc. Surrounding Inner Suburbs of East Melb, West Melb, Jolimont, Parkville, Nth Melb, Prices Hill, Southbank, Docklands. ... More

how to use rydlyme marine

Return discharge foaming indicates active RYDLYME Marine solution and presence of water formed mineral deposits. 5. During the cleaning procedure, additional RYDLYME Marine and/or water may be required to maintain circulation. ... More

how to turn off my magazine

The My Magazine isn’t really an annoying app as it lies in the corner and opens only when you wanted to check the latest news feed, but you can easily disable it if you felt it shouldn’t have been there as one of the home screens at all. ... More

how to write an erotic short story

Writing erotica is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. If you put out three or four short stories a month you could easily earn $800 to $1,000. ... More

how to use links panel indesign

14/06/2018 · I just updated to CC 2017 and my links panel is no longer showing me which links are missing. How can I bring this back? There used to be an icon in the link panel designating that it was the missing link so I didn't have to go find it on the page(s). ... More

how to use hootsuite in facebook

I use Hootsuite to pinpoint the people I really want to pay attention to. Years ago, Chris Brogan wrote a post about Dunbar’s Number , which says (or at least, this is what I extrapolated from the post) that you can’t pay attention to more than about 150 people. ... More

how to use a half check collar

Half check collars (also known as combi or Martingale collars) are supposed to only close to the extent that a standard flat collar would close around the dog’s neck. As long as the correct size is purchased so that the two sides of the collar (the rings) meet with a 2 finger gap like a normal collar, these are relatively safe when used correctly and are sometimes used by owners of dogs with ... More

procion dyes how to use

What others are saying "color name board" "Color chart - to use for afghan color choosing" "tangerine, fire, tiger, apple (laranja e vermelho)" "The Color Thesaurus for Writers and Designers from Ingrid’s Notes. and black. ... More

how to become a grey market watch dealer

13/10/2013 · Re: Reputable Grey Market Dealer? Amazon is the easiest to deal with. Authenticwatches.com, and Jomashop.com are all reliable from what people say, but you do see some complaints about trying to return a defective watch. ... More

how to send registered mail overseas

Procedure for Foreign Certified Mail Many customers don't realize that "certified mail" (the green cards and green numbers) are for domestic mail only (mail with destinations in the United States). When sending foreign mail and you need a "return receipt" to verify receipt of the package or envelope, you will need to send the package or envelope Registered. To send a package or letter ... More

how to use literary criticism in an essay

How To Write A Literary Criticism Paper :: Best term paper PhD dissertation is a most experienced dissertation services works to help students. You are going to ordering an how to write a literary criticism paper point beneficial to the students, my written assignments completed. ... More

how to use rhino 6 to make an organic shape

This Rhino software tutorial covers how to use implicit and explicit history (Grasshopper) to model a building massing. Learn how to create a spline tower from control curves in Rhino with the help of implicit and explicit history tools. ... More

how to sell a trademarked product

Trademarks identify a product, service, person, or thing from others in the same field, and trademark infringement has, and always will be, a serious offense. What's in a Name Anyone can register a domain name for a few dollars, which has led to the abundance of "cybersquatters." ... More

block heater timer how to use

SOURCE: lost instuctions to program Model N1560 Noma outdoor timer. Use the top button to adjust the current time & then push the bottom button once to save. ... More

how to best use mobile phone overseas telstra

With a strong reputation in low-cost international phone calls, Lycamobile is a great option for someone who needs Telstra coverage and wants to stay in touch with family and friends overseas. You can choose a new mobile phone plan from Lycamobile in Australia starting from $10 ... More

how to automatically send emails to junk on iphone

The iPhone and iPad are great for quickly handling email. However, if something is important, or requires a lengthy reply, or you can only get to it later, or you simply want to keep your inbox close to zero, the iPhone and iPad are also great for quickly sorting and filing your mail into well organized mailboxes. ... More

how to start doing parkour

Parkour is a great way to get in shape and develop a heightened sense of awareness, and let’s face it–you’ll look pretty awesome doing it. If you’ve ever wondered how to learn parkour on your own, you definitely aren’t alone. You don’t need to join a special gym to get into it, but ... More

how to make bbc iplayer work outside uk

The top five VPNs for streaming BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, along with some to avoid. Watch BBC iPlayer from the US and Canada. Watch BBC iPlayer from the US and Canada. Menu Close ... More

how to use a seb pressure cooker

A third method of releasing the pressure is to remove the pressure cooker from the heat source and to allow the pressure to subside naturally. If you are cooking beans, potatoes, or other foods which have a skin that you wish to remain intact, this is the preferred method. Use the this release method for foods that increase in volume, froth or foam, or those that are mostly liquids, like soup ... More

how to use a nail drill

The next time you accidentally break a drill bit, you can use a nail as a drill bit temporarily! Find out how... ... More

how to use colloidal silver for eye infections

Greetings all, For the past ten years I have had chronic issues with my eyes including dry eyes, pronounced ptosis, photo phobia, cataracts, chronic inflammation and irritation, etc it came on rather suddenly in the late 90’s in the form of severe eye infections that would wake me up in the middle of the night. This has mellowed, now the ... More

how to use an epipen on a child youtube

For EpiPen ® and EpiPen Jr ® Auto-Injectors only: Injection hold time reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds After administration, EpiPen ® Auto-Injector should be held firmly in place for 3 … ... More

how to get to the start of a facebook chat

20/10/2008 · on facebook and hi5 i see little stars and polcadots and stuff like the ♥ but i dont know how to do them and i would really like to find out! Source(s): stars facebook hearts: https://shortly.im/nfqE2 ... More

how to write off debt in quickbooks

Writing off a bad debt - Cash Basis. What's the best way to write off client balances due, in a cash basis business. It doesn't seem like I should write if off to a bad debt (expense account), when it was never claimed as income, since it was never paid, and we are cash basis. ... More

how to turn on grids in indesign

Turn off the Grid view The grid can be very helpful during placement, but it can make it hard to see what your page really looks like! ? View menu > Grids & Guide ? Deselect: Show Document Grid Placing Images into the grid Using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Bridge together 12. Open Adobe Bridge Bridge is a tool that allows you to view and manipulate numerous image files at once. You can rename a ... More

how to stop youtube videos buffering on firefox

If you use Chrome as your browser, there’s no solution other than getting a faster internet connection - if you’re using Wifi, consider moving closer to your modem or using an ethernet cable instead. However if you use Firefox, there’s an extension you can get to disable the DASH playback ... More

how to watch movie on you tv

However, with just a few tweaks to your TV's picture settings, you can enjoy a better 3D viewing experience. Check out some useful tips for adjusting the picture settings on a 3D TV. Check out some useful tips for adjusting the picture settings on a 3D TV. ... More

how to turn lidded boxes

Styro Products Lidded Boxes. For more detailed dimensions of the lidded boxes, please click lidded box specifications for a printable pdf file. The specifications include internal and external dimensions, product capacity, shipping volume, etc. ... More

how to start food export business

The NSW Government’s strategy to make NSW the easiest place to start and grow a business Helping businesses go global Hunter region-based food producer Tar10 is exporting to the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific - with support from the NSW Government ... More

how to see friends list on snapchat new

Snapchat's biggest-ever redesign simplifies the app into three main windows and separates all communication with friends from professionally produced content. A new Discover feed shows ... More

how to talk posh english

BUDDING television actors have blamed pop stars like ­privately-educated Lily Allen for the rise in “estuary English” in schools and playgrounds. ... More

how to take raptors level one with lee sin

One of the quintessential examples of this is . Diana, who exerts poor control over an opponent from levels 1 to 5 but becomes one of the game's most lethal gankers after she reaches level 6 and acquires the use of . Lunar Rush which serves a powerful gap closer and greatly increases her burst damage. ... More

how to stop auto update minix

A robotic lander and rover lifted off Friday (U.S. time) from China’s Xichang space hotspot shield auto update stop center, kicking off a hotspot shield auto update stop journey that will culminate in an attempt in early January to touch down on the 1 last update 2019/01/05 far side of the 1 last update 2019/01/05 moon for 1 last update 2019 ... More

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how to write a field investigation report

A report tells the story of what happened, based on the investigation. Some writers are concerned about being required to testify about what the report revealed. This is not a concern.

how to work out long service leave to be paid

QLeave provides long service leave to workers in Queensland’s building and construction industry. Our scheme rewards you for your service to the industry by making sure you receive long service leave benefits, even if you change employers or work interstate.

how to stop auto update minix

Use Group Policy To Stop Auto Update. Also, you can Configure group policy to Stop Windows 10 Update from Installing Updates Automatically.To do this open Group policy Editor By Press Windows + R key, type gpedit.msc and hit the enter key. This will open Windows Group Policy Editor. Note: If you are windows 10 home Basic user Skip This step. And Jump to Tweak windows registry to stop windows

how to sell items diablo 3

Buy & Sell Items For Gold & Cash - Market Auction House Diablo 3 introduces a Marketplace / Auction House much in the same way we're familiar to it in World of Warcraft. The exception being a cash money aspect, making your options for trading via Gold Market or Real Money Auction House (RMAH) .

water break how to tell

Dealing with a broken water main is not an everyday occurrence. At most, a homeowner will deal with a water line break once in a lifetime. Most homeowners enter a state of stress, confusion and tend to panic as soon as they become aware of a broken pipe.

how to write in burmese

22/06/2011 · To write about Myanmar, I have to read and find many facts to be exact. Thank you very much, everyone for your attention. I am Gu Gu from Myanmar. Be happy, everyone! Thank you very much, everyone for your attention.

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