Northwest Territories

how to set up condenser mic

The BM-700 is sold by several different companies- but it is the same mic. It is a condenser mic (albeit a very cheap one at about $35 US) and does needs phantom power to operate. It comes with an XLR plug. You will need to purchase a mic preamp, ... More

how to use operator abilities in warframe

It doesn’t necessarily appeal to my tastes or what I like about Warframe, but it is a well-structured system and the changes made really do add a punch to the basic operator abilities. It is a solid foundation for the system it is meant to be even if it’s drifted away from what it was originally meant to be. ... More

how to increase a childs use of language in aac

Model the use of AAC as you play and talk with your child. The research suggests that when partners model the use of AAC when they talk: It helps children with ... More

how to use hd 598

[Background] I am running Ubuntu 12.04, my computer contains an NVIDIA Quadro K4100M and Intel HD Graphics. [Usage Scenario] My usage scenarios include training deep neural networks which require an NVIDIA GPU, and when not training, using the computer for development and web browsing. ... More

how to use mapinfo software

Convert google KML/KMZ to .TAB using MapInfo Pro. In older 32-bit versions, go to file>open universal data Select the file format required and the location of the file. ... More

how to use yellow mustard

Unlike ketchup, which required some tweaking to get right, the first recipe I tried for French's copycat yellow mustard was a hit. Ground mustard forms the base of the sauce, with vinegar pumping up the kick, and turmeric providing that bright yellow color that sets American mustard apart. ... More

how to take wedding photos like a professional

22/10/2015 Couples looking to purchase wedding photo packagesespecially in India, for whatever reasonare now asking for nude and semi-nude photoshoots to take place on the actual wedding night. ... More

how to solve multi step algabra equations

Multi step equations learning algebra can be easy prealgebra 2 5 solving multi step equations you solving multi step equations 7th grade pre algebra mr burnett solve ... More

how to show fps in lol

See how you can increase your fps in League of Legends. Here are the best settings for League of Legends. Boost and optimize your fps easily with the tips from MoreFPS! Here are the best settings for League of Legends. ... More

how to write in a bullet journal

To start your bullet journal, you first need a journal to use. This can be any type of journal, but choosing one that is thick enough for all your different pages and that has nice large pages is a good idea. Some people like to use a binder so that you can easily add pages as needed. This is also a great choice if you want to include any type of printable planner or tracker in your journal ... More

how to stop facebook messenger saving photos

Matagal mo na ba itong problema? Nagtataka ka ba bakit madali mapuno ang storage ng iyong mobile phone? Maaaring hindi ka lamang aware, pero nang tingnan mo ang iyong Photo Gallery, abot na sa mahigit 1,000 ang mga photos na nakasave, sa directory ng Facebook Messenger. ... More

how to use hybrid 3

27/06/2015 · Hi all, I received a (brand new) MPK249 in the mail today. It is awesome! However, after registering the product using the serial number, on my Akai "my account" page it only lists Bitwig Scripts, MPC Essentials and Sonivox Twist under the "Software Downloads" section. ... More

how to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding

One of the major trends fresh off of the runways of Spring 2019 Bridal Fashion Week is the bridal jumpsuit. We’ve seen jumpsuits rocked by the best of them, such as style icons like Solange, but the bridal jumpsuit takes wedding day style to the absolute next level. ... More

how to take care of a rhinoceros beetle wikihow

The body of an adult rhinoceros beetle is covered by a thick exoskeleton. A pair of thick wings lay atop another set of membranous wings underneath, allowing the rhinoceros beetle to fly, although not very efficiently, owing to its large size. ... More

how to write equilbirum constant if products is solid

the smaller the equilibrium constant is, as a fraction, between 0 and 1, the greater the concentration of A relative to B. Reactions that barely happen have equilibrium constants that … ... More

how to write lead iv oxide

Example- Pb(NO 3) 4 write the name "lead nitrate". Since lead has more than one oxidation state we must figure out which lead we have. Since each nitrate (4 of them) has a 1- charge, the Pb must be 4+. So our roman numeral will be (IV). ... More

how to make radiofreegaia work

frikasadda的部落格. 跳到主文. 歡迎光臨frikasadda在痞客邦的小天地. 部落格全站分類:不設分類 ... More

how to start a my story of facebook

I go into my Facebook ad manager, open the campaign I just created for the post, and delete the post that targets my fans' friends. I've found it works best to target just my Facebook fans . But this varies from case to case, especially if your product targets a wide demographic. ... More

how to use carrot tops

Find the best carrot recipes for your favorite side or main dish as well as dessert. Carrot cake, carrot soup, carrot salad, glazed carrots and more! Carrot cake, carrot soup, carrot ... More

how to use a gravel vacuum

Once in the tank: Use a gravel cleaner and syphon weekly or fortnightly and clean as though you would fine gravel (see previous page). In between syphoning sessions, waste from the surface can be removed with a battery powered gravel vacuum, or by wafting a fine net above it and lifting out any waste. ... More

how to stop stressing over job interviews

Home Career and Job Search Blog 5 tips to stop your voice shaking in interviews 5 tips to stop your voice shaking in interviews Before an important meeting like a job interview ... More

how to send photos to someone on facebook

When you tag someone in a photo on Facebook, that particular photo will appear in their collection of photos on their Facebook profile, so it is as if you are sending them the picture. The tagging option appears when you upload a new photo album to your Facebook account. ... More

how to make your razer manowar not turn off

Recently, many users complain about the Razer Blade Stealth not turning on issue. If you also encounter the problem, don't get panic. Below are 4 methods to help you fix it. Fix 1. Connect the AC Adapter to Your Razer Blade Stealth. If your Razer Blade Stealth is not turning on and it is only running on battery power, remove the battery and connect the AC adapter directly to the wall outlet to ... More

how to tell if a girl is wet enough

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out How To Know If A Girl Is DTF, and watch other videos you won't see on the site! Also follow us on Facebook . It … ... More

how to turn off call catcher on vodafone

3/06/2018 · Catchers take all your gear off if you are the on deck hitter with two outs. Send the hitter a message that you expect to hit because you are confident that he is about to move the line. Send the hitter a message that you expect to hit because you are confident that he is about to move the line. ... More

how to use dashi in ramen

Ramen Revisited + How to make Dashi My parents made my lunch every day that I was in school from the time I was barely old enough to hold a brown paper bag, right up until my last days of high school. ... More

how to watch nba live reddit

For the first time in four seasons, a team other than the Golden State Warriors will enter the NBA playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. The Houston Rockets, led by MVP front ... More

how to start thunderbird in safe mode

The safemode is just Thunderbird without Themes and addons. Please disable any third party themes and addons and it should work again in the normal mode marking invalid because this must be cause by third party addons/themes ... More

how to use arteam website and crack fortnite accounts

This Is A Full In Depth Tutorial On How To Crack Fortnite Accounts using Sqli Dumper! If you enjoyed The Video Then Please leave a like and stay tuned for more Cracking tutorials like … ... More

how to take lemon to reduce uric acid

To avoid the risk of increased level of uric acid and reduce it you should maintain a proper healthy diet. A proper diet and medication can help to maintain the level of uric acid in the bloodstream. A proper diet and medication can help to maintain the level of uric acid in the bloodstream. ... More

how to write a persuasive paragr

Writing a Persuasive Paragraph . Model how to write a persuasive paragraph using the Persuasive Planner the class created in lesson 4. If needed to help students understand that they need to begin their persuasive pieces with opinions, show and discuss the Opinion Sentence Starters anchor chart and use it to help you begin your writing in front of the class. Be sure to “think aloud” as you ... More

how to turn on mobile hotspot

When Mobile Hotspot is turned on, other Wi-Fi services are turned off. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Settings . These instructions apply to Standard mode only. ... More

how to send apple photo book to someone

10/01/2019 How to send photo from iPhone to MacBook and from MacBook to iPhone Pawel's Tech Tips . Loading... Unsubscribe from Pawel's Tech Tips? ... More

how to teach correct pencil grip

How to Teach a Child to Hold a Pencil Correctly To begin with this process, you first need to tell your child what the correct way to hold a pencil is. The tripod grip , which involves the thumb, middle, and index fingers providing the necessary support while allowing an ergonomic hold. ... More

how to create the best show reel

Make sure each clip isnt taking up too much time in your showreel and that they arent repeated. Dont save the best until last though as even 3 minutes is too long for some people with busy schedules. ... More

how to write an analysis essay on a short story

Analyzing a novel or short story is a little more interesting given the fact that you have much more to work with. You may, for example, identify and explore a particular theme (like a character’s inability to form strong bonds after experiencing a tragic childhood) and outline how the author depicts that theme based on the point of view or direction that the story goes. Definition of ... More

minecraft how to see yourself on a laptop

27/08/2015 · Summer Camp - Making a Minecraft Creeper Shirt Homemade Do It Yourself Minecraft by DCTC. 5:41 ♫ Let's have some FUN in Minecraft ♫ - A Minecraft Parody of When Can I See … ... More

horizon zero dawn how to use halo lock

Horizon Zero Dawn ancient armory puzzle solutions Once you have all five power cells, head to the ancient armory and place two of the power cells into the empty slots along the wall to the right ... More

how to write australian address from us

Contact us in the manner and at a time most convenient to you. We offer a wide range of contact options. We offer a wide range of contact options. skip to content skip to navigation ... More

how to use a chemical spill kit

Chemical Handling & Spill Kit Use Store & Handle Workplace Chemicals. 8 hours 20733 and 20645 US 20733 Safe Storage and handling of Hazardous Substances ... More

how to take meeting minutes fast

Meeting Notes Made Easy! 1 the meeting. If you will use a computer to take notes, create autotext entries for words that are long or difficult to spell. Another reason the discussion may be hard to follow is that the goals of the meeting are not apparent. Is the group presenting, discussing, or deciding? To reduce this challenge: Check the agenda before the meeting ... More

how to stop pregnancy after 5 days

The ball of cells (called a blastocyst) gets to the uterus about 34 days after fertilization. The ball of cells floats in the uterus for another 23 days. If the ball of cells attaches to the lining of your uterus, its called implantation when pregnancy officially begins. ... More

how to visit monument valley

Best time to visit Yarra Valley. Discover the cheapest and most pleasant time of the year to visit the beautiful Yarra Valley and explore its wineries. If you are planning to visit the Yarra ... More

how to tell if you have a bad alternator

How To Tell If Your Alternator Is Going Bad How to tell if you have a faulty alternator carsdirect, how to tell if you have a faulty alternator by armaan almeida so what symptoms can alert you ahead of … ... More

how to use liquid cooling pc

Koolance also the best water cooling system that are around, there's nothing wrong with this usefull review, don't use water cooling if don't have more buck for it. Invid 10 years ago ... More

how to train your arms for arm wrestling

MEET Matthias Hellboy Schlitte, the German arm wrestling phenomenon with one enormous arm. While his left arm is normal size, Schlittes right is Popeye-like due to a rare genetic defect ... More

how to take care of a baby puppy

2/11/2014 · Having a Baby When You Own a Dog. There are other considerations about bringing a puppy home. If your family plans on having a child, as in having a baby, you may run into some issues with the two coexisting. ... More

how to use a chain whip fixed gear

You can convert any frame to fixed-gear use providing that it has horizontal dropouts because these are essential for tensioning the chain. These adjustable dropouts were common on steel road bicycles built around 10 to 20 years ago and more. ... More

how to turn an excel spreadsheet into an editable pdf

6/02/2007 · Nat Definitely cannot be done from the Excel end. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 has a plug-in that allows you to convert a PDF document to a fillable form. Note the word "convert".....cannot be done in PDF … ... More

how to take effective naps

10/03/2014 · How to take a nap? How long is a power nap? What are benefits of napping? In this video you will see why napping is so important to your afternoon productivi... How long is a power nap? What are ... More

how to turn off light on iphone 4

19/02/2013 · After a while it will turn off. As soon as you... Log in or Sign up. Apple iPhone Forum. News Forums > iPhone 4 Forums > iPhone 4S > iPhone 4S light wont turn off Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by judge69gto, Feb 19, 2013. Feb 19, 2013 #1. ... More

tvtropes how to write dark fantasy

5 Things To Consider Before You Write An Epic Fantasy. One Goal To Rule Them All. An epic fantasy is always cool. I love books with multiple plot lines and lots of characters and maps and new worlds and languages. But these aren’t easy to write. When I have to teach someone who wants to write one of these the first thing I do is give them a hug. And then I give them a stern talking to ... More

how to say tell me in japanese

If you want to know how to say Tell me in Japanese, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Japanese better. ... More

how to start a hairdressing business from home

You may work from home, but how you conduct your business should be as professional as the service received in any other beauty salon. Spend time ensuring you have a separate and well-designed work space dedicated to your business where both you and your client’s feel good being. Not only will it help you to get into the ‘work’ mindset, a proper salon environment will provide the ... More

how to watch nasa launch live

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex provides you with access to the closest viewing locations behind NASA's gates. After arriving and parking at the visitor complex, launch viewing/transportation ticket holders are transported by bus from inside the main visitor complex to special viewing areas at Kennedy Space Center. ... More

how to see tables with maria db

MariaDB Server 10.3 is now the leading enterprise open source database with features that, until now, required a proprietary database – Oracle compatibility, temporal tables and queries, sensitive and/or personal data protection and schema evolution. ... More

how to use moroccan oil curl defining cream

How to Use: Apply 1–2 pumps of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream to towel-dried hair. Distribute product throughout hair and diffuse to activate and define curls. For a more relaxed curl, let hair dry naturally. ... More

how to tell if peas are ready to pick

When harvesting peas, check the appearance of the pods to determine if they are ready to be picked. Peas have the best, sweetest flavor if they are picked at just the right time. Harvest too early and the pods will be small with only a few peas inside. Wait too late and the pods become fibrous and the peas inside lose much of their sweetness. Here are some tips for determining if your peas are ... More

how to use two account aqw

This feature comes handy for those of you who would like to have and manage two different accounts, one for work and another one for personal use. Rather than juggling between two separate devices and accounts, now you can have them all on one device itself. Refer the screenshots below to learn more. ... More

how to repair your tag watch

Our watch repair services include pressure testing, Tag Heuer watch repairs and battery replacements. We also offer watch repairs online, via postage. We also offer watch repairs online, via postage. Contact us today and find out how we can help you and care for your watch. ... More

maybelline master camo how to use

Hey guys! Todays post will be a review of the Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pen in the shade red. ... More

how to use labels mips

We have used a label msg1 to ask a user to enter a number. In case you dont want to print the message and just want to read the number just remove the msg1 lin in .data section and in .code section remove the corresponding code for printing the msg. ... More

how to work out fractions from recurring decimals

After this, the rest of the recurring decimal can be found by subtracting the digits from 9, starting from 0. So 0 from 9 gives 9, 5 from 9 gives 4, 2 from 9 gives 7 and so on. So 0 from 9 gives 9, 5 from 9 gives 4, 2 from 9 gives 7 and so on. ... More

how to do an image search on facebook

So how do individuals and small companies manage to stay ahead of corporate giants in Image search results ? It's a combination of luck and some image optimization techniques like text surrounding the web graphics, image captions, etc. ... More

how to use a chipped wii

You can move these WAD games onto an SD card inserted into your Wii and transfer them between Wii systems. If there's a need to play an NTSC WAD on a PAL Nintendo Wii, you can use Freethewads software to convert your NTSC WAD to a PAL WAD. ... More

how to sell car provately

5/05/2015 · The transaction was a private sale and as such was purchased “as is” and caveat emptor applies-let the buyer beware. The purchaser must perform their due diligence when purchasing an item because when the transaction is complete the buyer will not receive a warranty or refund. ... More

how to set hypothesis in research

Every hypothesis test contains a set of two opposing statements, or hypotheses, about a population parameter. The first hypothesis is called the null hypothesis, denoted H 0 . The null hypothesis always states that the population parameter is equal to the claimed value. ... More

how to use shadowplay highlights

What Are The Requirements For The New ShadowPlay? To use Nvidia Share, The Heads-Up-Display (HUD) provides necessary visual information which highlights your status, while playing a game or using an application. It can be set to display at any corner of the screen. Select the one you would prefer. You may further customize the HUD layout if you want to show the number of viewers watching ... More

how to use money in taiwan

Use these tips for using credit cards, ATMs, traveler's checks, and exchanging money in Asia including how to limit transaction fees. Accessing Money in Asia Share ... More

how to use format function on cells

3/01/2014 · Using the format wizard is a great way to learn how to use the formulas within excel, but there are certain drawbacks to using the formula wizard. If you want to include other formulas within the cell then it is easier to type the formula within the cell itself. Suppose we want to format our number as text within another text statement. Take a look at the worksheet below: ... More

how to watch films online in france

France will allow under-18s to watch films featuring REAL SEX as it loosens movie classification laws Culture minister Audrey Azoulay has decided to relax film classification system ... More

how to send suggestions to gaijin

For any suggestions or questions related to the subreddit, send us a modmail. PMs to individual mods may be ignored. Please note our modteam is not affiliated with Gaijin Entertainment and War Thunder - go to the official forums for game/account issues. ... More

how to start a furniture store

Pier 1 is the place for everything from a full room refresh to finding that perfect reading chair. You’ll find unique pieces along with tried-and-true foundation staples, like sectional sofas, dining room tables and home office furniture. ... More

how to set a pool

This set of assembly guidelines is provided to share with you the modern day construction expectation governing our industry performance today. ... More

how to use bathroom sign

When a plane is on an active taxiway you need to stay in your seat, otherwise the captain usually won’t move the aircraft. But if you’re in the air, it’s another story. ... More

joe girard how to sell anything to anybody

Joe Girard went from being a failure -- thrown out of high school, fired from over forty jobs, lasting only 97 days in the U.S. Army -- to being named in the Guinness Book of Records as "the world's greatest retail salesman" for 12 consecutive years. ... More

how to travel solo as a woman

Is it safe for women to travel in Pakistan? Here’s the short answer. Is Pakistan safe to travel in? Yes, I believe so. Is Pakistan safe if I’m a woman traveling with a man? ... More

how to use clay cooker

These conical Moroccan cooking pots not only look beautiful, but are ideal for long, slow cooking. Discover all the secrets and tips to using them with this essential piece of Moroccan cookware. Discover all the secrets and tips to using them with this … ... More

how to send me2u on mtn

Send airtime to prepaid lines internationally with TransferTo! Easily, quickly and safely! MTN in cooperation with TransferTo, the leading provider of International Airtime Transfer services, gives its MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers the opportunity to send credit to friends and family at more than 80 countries abroad, with a simple SMS. ... More

how to use time machine

This is the method I recommend if you are wishing to have your Mac use Time Machine to backup to the Airport Time Capsule for the first full backup. Its also a way to attach Ethernet cables to your Time Capsule and run them through to another space in your house. ... More

how to get rid of smart search on mac is able infected both Windows OS and Mac OS, thus our lab worked out different solutions for each system. Please read the the First Section if you are a Windows OS user; read the Second Section if your a Mac OS user. ... More

how to write good nigahiga

His book “how to write good” was released May 30, 2017, followed by a sold out 5 city US tour and made the Indie Bestseller Lists for week ending June 7, 2017. From Forbes Media & Entertainment Post on January 4, 2017: ... More

how to write data in excel using python

Using Excel’s data filters are certainly simple but they start to get more challenging when you want to get a unique list of customers. Since a customer makes multiple purchases over a period of time, you would have to sort/pivot the data and do an additional filtering step. Assuming you have a way to generate the report and get the data, how easily could you repeat it next time? How would ... More

how to use microsoft excel at work

The Microsoft Excel MIN function returns the smallest value from the numbers provided. MS Excel: How to use the MIN Function (WS) This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Excel MIN function with syntax and examples. Description. The Microsoft Excel MIN function returns the smallest value from the numbers provided. The MIN function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a ... More

how to stop diarrhea in children

Mild diarrhea usually isn't cause for concern if your child is acting normally and drinking and eating enough. It usually passes in a few days, and kids recover with home care, rest, and plenty of fluids (but avoid sugary juice drinks). ... More

how to use mud pots for cooking in tamil

18/04/2014 · A chatty pot is made by firing clay in a high temperature oven. It is dry clay and has various foreign matter. A chatty pot needs to be properly seasoned before use. These are the steps to season ... More

how to use a beadalon knotting tool

Beadalon Knotter Tool - Knotting Tool - Beadalon Knotting Tool - Pearl and Bead Knotter - Knotting Tool and Awl - Wood Knotter This listing is for a Beadalon Wood Knotter Tool - with instructions. Great for making professional consistent knots for pearls or bead stringing. Use with silk ... More

how to show hidden files in win 7

When Windows 7 is installed on a computer, certain files and folders are kept hidden from sight. They can still be accessed, updated and used, but you cannot easily find them. ... More

how to stop rain in unturned

The rules of rain racing are really quite simple: You want to finish and you want to take the checkers in front of the other racers. Rain takes away traction to a degree, but so does Summit Point on a good day. ... More

how to use at al reference

others”) e.g (Schneider et al. 2007). If two different references shortened in this manner become If two different references shortened in this manner become the same include as many names as is necessary to distinguish them. ... More

how to set time variable spss survival

survival time with a set of concomitant variables (SAS Institute, Inc. (2007a)). PROC LIFETEST is a PROC LIFETEST is a nonparametric procedure for estimating the survivor function, comparing the underlying survival curves of ... More

how to write pie chart analysis

This post features a sample band 9 task 1 pie chart answer and examiner feedback. Below is a writing task 1 pie chart question on the changing populations of two countries over time. ... More

how to tell if a guy is gay wikihow

7/01/2012 · Here is a website with more helpful hits and tips. Enjoy ... More

how to use tag buddy

There are two ways to use the tag generator. The first is to check the tags of a specific YouTube video by entering the URL. The second (and more useful in my opinion) will generate popular YouTube tags for your specific keyword. Just enter a keyword related to your video and see what your competitors are using most often for their videos! ... More

how to set cookies on macbook air

Click on the Allow local data to be set radio button in the Cookies section. (Also make sure that "Block all third-party cookies without exception" and "Clear cookies and other site data when I quit my browser" are NOT selected.) ... More

how to turn down a job offer sample letter

We recommend following these steps when it comes to turning down a job offer in a professional but friendly manner: Be Prompt The first point is about politeness really. ... More

how to write cyrillic letters

This is a version of the cursive handwritten Russian alphabet. Some letters have different shapes when written in this way. How to write the cursive Russian alphabet Older versions of the Russian alphabet Russian alphabet (1750-1918) This is the version of Cyrillic alphabet used between 1750 and 1917/18. Russian alphabet (pre-1750) This is the version of Cyrillic alphabet used until 1750. The ... More

how to tell if your house has had internet

"The security screening process that is done for all gifts was done for the soccer ball," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in an email. "We are not going to comment further on ... More

how to use a steam background

How Writers and Journalists Use STEAM to Succeed Writing is one of the most varied fields in the modern workforce. The concept of a writer brings to mind a variety of images, from fiction writers sharing stories and trying to get published to cutting edge journalists breaking news to technical writers who develop expertise in complex subjects. ... More

how to set turkey trap

To measure the set out for a toilet suite, you must find the center of the pan connector. Most pan connectors made of PVC and have a black rubber inserted to seal any leaks or smells coming from the sanitary drains. For s-trap toilet suites the pan connector will be located on the floor. The pan connector for p-trap and skew trap toilet suites will be located on the wall. For s-trap toilet ... More

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how to use sharepoint 2010 chart web part

Hello, Thank you for the answer, I am trying to create custom appearance theme instead of the chart. I have created pie carts using chart web part.

how to sell items on ebay for free

Analyze markets, categories, competition, hot trends, and products to find the best selling items on eBay. Try Terapeak Research for Free Now Search through and chart millions of transactions.

how to start using google shopping ads

You can find Shopping within Google Ads, here you’ll be creating Product Listing Ads (PLA) featuring relevant details, rich images, product prices and your store name. It’s worth noting here that Google only charges you when a searcher clicks-through on your ad to your store.

how to set diesel injection pump timing

The fuel injection pumps used on diesel engines delivery precisely timed shots of fuel to the fuel injectors. The timing and volume of the fuel controls the torque and …

how to stop thinking about your ex

If break ups are tough on any part of you it's your mind. It's simply impossible to get your get out of your head. Everything you see and a lot of your surroundings only seem to remind you of them.

how to start a laundromat with no money

Learn simple steps you can take now to start a business with no money or technical knowledge. even if it is a load of laundry, filing a pile, or whatever else might make me feel a sense of accomplishment. 3) Practice deep breathing and a few yoga postures to remember my own personal power and confidence. Warriors, arm balances and standing balances work best for me for this …

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